[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]GERATEC’s values of integrity, respect, compassion and innovation underpin all aspects of our services. They are more than just words on paper – our values are lived in our daily interaction with our clients, residents, staff and the greater society.

Catering and Dietetics:
We provide healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that nourish and nurture. We ensure that the diverse and ever-changing needs of the residents are met through accurate and regular nutritional assessments. The necessity to provide a well-balanced and nourishing meal is essential and impacts quality of life as well as duration of life. The correct level of sustenance also correlates with the degree of independence. We maintain a fine balance between meeting the individual’s nutritional needs and respecting the individual’s food preferences within an approved budget.

Housekeeping and Laundry:
Our aim is to inspire a culture of “this is my home” in each care community. This centres on the facility being a sparkling clean, healthy and pleasant place to live. The highest quality cleaning products are used, and housekeeping staff are trained to deliver the finest cleaning service. Our service standards are maintained through monitored maintenance, cleaning and scheduled deep cleaning programmes. Our housekeeping service is complemented by a laundry service.

Healthcare management:
We believe that empathy and sympathy are key to understanding the experiences of those we care for. We strive to provide the best care to residents in long-term care environments by ensuring that we follow the latest research, techniques and information. Our multidisciplinary Care Team provides quality care by focusing on meeting the needs of each person on an individual basis.

Age Friendly communities:
Memory cafés are aimed at listening, supporting and sharing ideas on how to make public spaces more inclusive and to emphasise that people living with cognitive impairment can live an independent and fulfilling life.

What sets GERATEC’s Food Services apart from the Rest?
We strongly believe in a holistic approach within our food service departments to ensure optimal nutrition and a healthy and balanced intake for our residents. Nutrition-rich meals are essential for the health of older persons. Because of this, our food services department collaborate closely with other departments to ensure that residents receive top quality meals. .
Older persons face a variety of challenges to obtain and maintain optimal nutrition. Our dedicated professional dietitians help by facilitating nutrition care meetings with food service, and nursing or care team members to discuss the challenges, developing and implementing plans to assist the individual to maintain or improve their nutritional status as far as is possible in each particular case.

Our person-centred approach means that we take care to get to know each client, their preferences and, when applicable their special needs so that we are able to satisfy as many preferences as possible. Where needed, we offer alternative choices so that every resident receives a meal that they will enjoy, within the parameters of contractually agreed meal plans and budgets.
We involve the residents in meaningful activities that they enjoy such as cooking Makataan jam, assisting with baking cakes and biscuits, doing a braai on special occasions or drawing from the talents or special interests of our residents.

Why are excellent housekeeping standards particularly important in our environment?
Older persons are often particularly vulnerable to even slight variations in housekeeping standards. Therefore, it is important that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained in their homes. GERATEC team members understand the vital importance of preventing infection and disease, and receive training on preventing contamination and cross-contamination. On top of avoiding contamination, a clean living space improves the mindset and general well being of the person.

The ability to decide what to wear from day-to-day is often one of the last remaining areas of autonomy for the individual. We express our individuality and communicate our identity to the rest of the world through the clothes we wear. GERATEC recognises this and therefore our laundry teams and the quality of their service is an important part of our person centred approach.

What are the benefits of a direct dedicated care partner?
Through direct dedicated support and care GERATEC facilitates the growth of authentic relationships between care partners and those who they assist. Unlike in standard nursing practice, our care partners do not rotate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allows authentic relationships to develop where the person comes to know and trust their partner. Furthermore, we are able to provide a better quality of assistance that takes care, not only the physical health and safety, but also the wishes, preferences and needs of the person him or herself. Having access to information that would otherwise not have been available to us make it possible to support the person to remain autonomous and choose how they wish to live for as long as is practically possible in each particular case.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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