What a year it has been. It is fair to say that modern society as a whole, experienced this pandemic “storm” in so many ways. All of us have been affected by this new way of living.

Out of this pandemic, the GERATEC Angels received their wings.

Our employees far outshone themselves and once again showed relationship directed support to fellow employees, our clients but most importantly the residents in the homes where they work.

It is our honor and privilege to take a look back at just a few moments that will remain with us for many many years to come:

  • GERATEC Angels: Employees lived on the premises where they worked for extended periods in order to minimise infection risk and were not allowed to see their own families nor receive any packages from outside the premises during these periods, a sacrifice they made in the hope to protect residents and care for them the best that they can.
  • 24’th Birthday: GERATEC celebrated our 24’th birthday. Residents were spoilt with all sorts of treats and a glass of wine or sherry with their meal.
  • Nelson Mandela day: Jars of Hope Campaign. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, GERATEC employees used their innovation to contribute to this special day by providing Jars of Hope to community programmes. We donated 273 jars in total which in turn provided 1092 people with a hearty meal.
  • Jerusalema Challenge: Need we say more!!! On the 28 July, GERATEC accepted the Jerusalema Challenge and within a couple of days got residents, colleagues and clients spirits up with this phenomena that was taking place throughout the country. The fun we had and the comradery will be CERTAINLY a highlight that will not be forgotten soon.











Nelson Mandela day:










Jerusalema Challenges:

Paradyskloof VillasWatch here

SilwerkruinWatch here

SilverOaksWatch here

Vonke ParkWatch here

Carlisle LodgeWatch here

LangverwagWatch here

RusoordWatch here

Nerina GardensWatch here

AzaleahofWatch here

Support OfficeWatch here

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