Over the past decade, the world has been changing in the way it approaches health — from introducing new lifestyle norms to discovering dietary revolutions. As a result of this, the lives of older people have come into new focus. As life expectancy keeps on improving for older people, the world has had no choice but to adapt.

“Old age” is no longer seen as the epilogue to a person’s life, but rather as the start of the final chapters of life (yes, plural chapters), where every person should be able to grasp the opportunities that still lie ahead. To achieve this, those who act as the supporters and carers of older persons have to fully understand the potential of their roles, and they must accept the greater responsibility that will now be expected in their positions.

As part of that responsibility, carers should become activists for change in this ageist society, albeit in Care Homes or in the community. The all-too-common acceptance of the “aches and pains of old age” (referring not only to the biological changes, but also to the resultant effects of abandonment), has left society in a state of surrender when it comes to the suffering of older people, simply because “it’s the way things are”. Sadly, this includes many older people themselves, who settle into the acceptance that their lives have come to an end, when the fact is that their journey can still be meaningful and enjoyable with the necessary support.

GERALEARN’s primary objective is to change this surrender and acceptance of “the way things are”.

Beginning as a specialist in the nutritional care of older persons, GERATEC encourages and sparks the flame of change. We understand that the only way to truly change the care industry is to focus on relationship directed support, continuously improve ourselves, and become a part of a greater community of change, putting us in touch with valuable knowledge and experience.

The importance of human resource development:

Our customised training programmes focus on Skills Training and Education & Development, and cover topics such as

  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Employee Relations
  • Medication Management
  • Next Level Mentoring
  • Living with Dementia
  • Nutrition for Elders

GERATEC Workshops

GERATEC also hosts workshops that helps its participants to provide the highest quality of relationship directed support. Topics in the following areas are covered:

  • Dietetics
  • Housekeeping & Laundry
  • Care
  • Human Resources

These workshops range from 1-hour webinar sessions to 3-day intensive sessions presented by professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, each giving you valuable insight into the care of older people.

Joining a greater community

As part of our change journey, we have also introduced the Eden Alternative to the South African care industry. The Eden Alternative is a philosophy that seeks to change the culture of today’s old age homes, long term care facilities, and residential care settings from sterile medical institutions to human habitats. Eden Alternative communities encourage the continuation of residents’ personal growth rather than their decline, offering relationship directed support that addresses the unique needs of individuals, fighting loneliness, helplessness and boredom and enabling the well-being of people while reducing the need for medical interventions and drug therapies.

There really is no reason to leave the call to change unanswered any longer. Change the way you approach the care of older persons with GERALEARN.

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