In our modern world it has become generally accepted (and wrongly so) that support and care for older people are merely about giving them what they need to live a longer life. While GERATEC is concerned about the longevity of its residents, our primary objective is the quality of life of older persons.

We do things differently. We take care to build communities in which older persons not only live longer, but thrive. 

We do so in six distinct ways:

Directed Support
We truly
value people
More than
just catering
Our approach is holistic and compassionate, meeting individual needs while encouraging interdependence and continued growth through authentic relationships.We believe passionately in growing and developing our employees and yours. We respect those delivering services and encourage an ethos of visibility, friendliness, helpfulness, and professionalism.Through culinary innovation, we provide healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals that nourish and nurture using quality, ethically-sourced products.
Full service
and expertise
Dedicated to quality improvement, we offer quality services with professional integrity, acknowledging that this is only possible through collaboration with others who share our values.All our services are tailor-made while always respecting individual needs. Over the years our services have grown from food services management into a comprehensive range of operational and support services to the long-term care sector.Our team of specialists stay abreast of the latest developments in our field and are able to offer clients innovative advice and solutions.

Our dedication to our residents and employees, plus our unwavering commitment to quality of life is why GERATEC is the partner of choice for so many long-term care communities.

Talk to us about ways to raise your standards of older person care and support to the next level. Get in touch to find out more.

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