GERATEC is the only company in South Africa that focuses on exclusively providing nutritional services to the long-term care sector for older persons.

Over the last 26 years, our dietitians have proven a fundamental factor that greatly improves the quality of older persons’ lives: nutrition catered to the therapeutic dietary needs of every individual.

Watch here as our founder and managing director Dr Rayne Stroebel explains the innovations of GERATEC’s approach to older person care.

The exclusivity of GERATEC and how we continuously redefine older person care has the impression amongst some in the care sector that it’s not affordable.
However, we passionately believe the simple act of caring is heroic, and therefore should be accessible.

Make sure to consider GERATEC as your partner in providing a life worth living for older people.
Contact us for more information about our catering services and a no-obligation free quote.

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