Diabetes is widely known as a silent disease since the average diabetic has been living with it for almost 10 years before they are diagnosed.

GERATEC’s Nutrition Services Manager Ide-Marie Venter reveals that many downplay its severity due to its slow progression.

Ide-Marie encourages older persons, their families, and care partners to regularly screen for high blood sugar levels since early detection is the major preventative measure to prevent diabetes-related health concerns.

Watch as she discusses fundamental factors about nutrition and diabetes.

There’s a misconception that being diagnosed can translate to a life of tasteless boiled food, a common practice found in many catering companies.

GERATEC’s special dietary plans catered to each individual’s needs, incorporated with lifestyle changes, increase the quality of life for older persons.

Discover how we address the common misconceptions of living with diabetes and how our food services team can help you. Contact Us

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