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SACF MegaHug partnership for EKUStrategic partnerships create valuable opportunities for sharing passion, purpose, resources and expertise. With this in mind, GERATEC actively seeks opportunities to establish and grow ethical partnerships with, and between, care providers. Our network extends both nationally throughout South Africa and internationally as a member of  The Global Ageing Network formerly IAHSA (the International Association of Homes and Services for Ageing).

Through this network of partnerships, a wide range of opportunities become available to everyone involved. This collaboration transforms the philosophy of person-centred care into deliverable best practice. Working together, hand in hand, we effect greater change and build on each other’s strengths to make stronger and more sustainable organisations for the long-term.

GERATEC values and respects Older People and those who care for them. By empowering managers, boards, staff and volunteers, we can raise standards of care, ensure best practice, and improve the quality of life for older people in long-term care.

Below are some examples of our partnerships in action. In addition, we will post more stories on our blog (under the Resources section of this website). Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about becoming a GERATEC partner.

Margie Chapman
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships in Action

South African Care Forum

The South African Care Forum (SACF) is here! It was announced at the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) conference in Cape Town in November 2012, and we’d like to connect with all who are interested. Our aim is to create a collaborative dialogue around issues of care in South Africa. The Forum  provides a platform through which organisations are able to:

  • access best practice guidelines and research data,
  • have a forum for interaction with fellow role players, and
  • engage together to be one voice in advocating on critical issues.


  • collates the efforts of all groups in the field of ageing
  • helps devise solutions with all stakeholders
  • creates networking opportunities
  • shares information and educates
  • develops capacity through collaboration
  • supports sustainability of organisations through cooperation and partnership development
  • helps turn long term care facilities into centres of support for the wider community.

Add your voice to the conversation…
Experience the power of engagement…
Help raise the bar of care in SA!

Want to get involved?
Contact SACF Chairperson
Margie Chapman:
Email: margie@sa-careforum.co.za
Telephone: 021-461 3820