Our Team

StaffOur team is responsible for ensuring that our operations, services and standards reflect the values we hold true to. The most important common denominator across the team is our passion for what we do. We are known for having an open dialogue with our clients – working together to find the best solutions to our common business challenges. This allows us to respond rapidly, and caringly. As a small company compared with our competitors, our clients benefit tremendously from this close relationship, and from the feedback we received, are very grateful for it.

Management Team

Rayne Stroebel
Managing Director – 1996

RAYNE started what is today known as GERATEC in 1996. Rayne grew up in an Aged Care Home where his mother was the Matron. After travelling extensively, studying languages at UCT, training as a Chef, caring for a gentleman in London living with Dementia, he returned to South Africa and started GERATEC. In 2010 Rayne completed his training as an Eden Alternative Associate, and in 2011 trained in Switzerland to become an Eden Educator, after which the American Eden Alternative Home Office appointed him as the South African Eden Alternative Regional Coordinator.  He have presented at many international conferences over the years and in 2016 completed an MSc (Dementia Studies) through University of Stirling, Scotland.

Rayne says: “We are passionate about continually raising the bar in terms of quality service, meeting the needs of the individual and moving right away from medically – nursing those in long term care. We focus on real care – encouraging residents’ independence, supporting their choices and acting on the things that are important to them.” Rayne believes that GERATEC’s dream to transform and re-model long-term care in South Africa is coming true. The GERATEC motto, “excellence in person-centred care”, means creating the freedom in which older people can live in a home-like environment and make their own decisions.


Brian Bailey
Finance Director – 2008

BRIAN joined GERATEC following his career as CEO at Helderberg Society for the Aged for a period of 7 years. He has a wealth of experience in financial management and risk management and contributes to the professionally administered finance department at GERATEC. Brian believes that those we care for should be given a life worth living.

Victor Southwell
Business and Growth

Deirdre Joubert
Financial Manager – 1998

DEIRDRE is responsible for the successful operation of GERATEC’s financial department. She began her working career as a Food Service Manager and has progressed in the organisation to the position she has today. She has a commitment to the GERATEC philosophy that we make a difference to the future of older people, remembering that we will all age eventually.

Executive Support & Reception

Marinda de Jongh
Office Manager

Wendy Venkatiah
Receptionist – 2011

WENDY is responsible for client care and customer service. She was previously employed in the financial services industry as a manager, trainer, assistant systems planner, process co-ordinator. Wendy also has retail experience in store administration, HR and client care. Wendy’s motto is: “Serving customers to the best of my ability.”

Catering & Housekeeping

Madeleine Schloms
Operations Manager – Catering (Western Cape) – 2006

MADELEINE is responsible for Client Relationship Management and customer service standards. She also ensures that standard operating procedures are fulfilled. Madeleine started her career with GERATEC as Assistant Food Service Manager and was promoted just six months later. She then left the company for a brief period and pursued her interest in Event Management as Function Co-ordinator at a prestigious golf estate. She returned to GERATEC in 2006 and now fills the role of Operations Manager – Catering.

Kumie Joubert-Van Niekerk
Operations Manager: Housekeeping – 2013

KUMIE is responsible for Housekeeping and Laundry’s operational systems and standards as well as the Hygiene for GERATEC.
Kumie started her career with GERATEC as Housekeeping Manager and was promoted in 2015 to Operational Manager where she is busy developing the systems and working standards. She also does the training in these areas.

Melanie Crozier
Area Manager


Ide-Marie Venter
Registered Dietitian / Area Manager – 2008

IDE-MARIE is a registered dietitian (US). She comes from a background of clinical nutrition and management in the catering industry which both compliments her current role in aged care. Her overall focus and passion is to provide information and systems to ensure optimal nutritional status of staff and clients to thereby improve quality of life.

As an Area Manager Ide-Marie is responsible for Client Relationship Management and customer service standards. She also ensures compliance to our standard operating procedures.

Marguerite Loftus

Retha de Jager
Clinical Care Manager – 2013

RETHA  is a qualified Professional Nurse with 12 years managerial experience in the medical industry. She joined GERATEC in 2013 and believes that through GERATEC she can make a difference in the way in which care is being rendered in homes for the elderly. She is responsible for ensuring that Person-centred Care is being delivered in the Care Homes where GERATEC is involved. She is also involved in developing and delivering training (internal and external) to promote the quality of life for the elder communities in South Africa. Besides changing the world’s perception of the elder person, her other interest is caring for people living with Dementia.

HR, Training & Finance

Kaye Mostert
HR Manager

Maralize Conradie
Training & Quality Coordinator – 2003

MARALIZE is responsible for co-ordinating all training and events for GERATEC. She holds a Diploma in Food & Catering, worked for Fedics for 13 years as Catering Manager, ran a restaurant for 3 years and then joined GERATEC as an Area Manager. She loves working with people and will always have a passion for the kitchen and good food.


Lauren Booysen
Creditors Clerk after Evangeline

Evangeline Booysen
Accounts Administrator – 2006

EVANGELINE comes from a Retail background, starting as a Cashier, moving up to Frontline Supervisor and ended up as Financial Administrator of four service departments. She recently commenced a course in Financial Accounting and completed a certificate in Office Administration. Evangeline’s motto learned over years in Retail is the customer/client comes first or as they say,” The customer is always right”.