Our Values

Unashemdely ethicalGERATEC’s values of integrity, respect, compassion and innovation underpin all aspects of our business. They are more than just a set of nice words, they are lived in our daily interaction with our clients, staff and the greater society. These are our Values in Action:

  1. Person-centred care: Our approach is holistic and compassionate, meeting individual needs, encouraging independence and continued growth.
  2. More than just catering: Through culinary innovation we provide healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals that nourish and nurture.
  3. Holistic suite of services: We pride ourselves on being the only full-service provider of person-centred care in South Africa.
  4. We really value people: We believe passionately in training and developing our staff and yours. We respect the people delivering services and encourage an ethos of visibility, friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism.
  5. Building long-term relationships: Success for us is about meaningful partnerships with our clients. We are an unashamedly ethical company, giving back to the community in a myriad of ways.
  6. Creating consciousness: Dedicated to “raising the bar” in terms of quality service and professional integrity, we recognise this is only possible through collaboration with others who share our values.
  7. Quality standards: We can help our clients lay a strong foundation for creating a pro-active approach to Care that is compliant with national standards and in line with international best practice.