2021 GERATEC Awards & Long Service Awards Ceremony

At GERATEC we believe in celebrating the people who demonstrate the passion and hard work it takes to truly make a difference in people’s lives. One of the ways in which we recognise and celebrate our employees’ efforts and achievements is with our annual Awards Ceremony. In the words of our managing director Rayne Stroebel, […]

GERATEC through the years

How 25 years have changed us for the better A quarter decade has flown by since GERATEC was first established by Rayne Stroebel in 1996. Along the way, there have been growing pains and welcome successes, which is why many long-term care communities have chosen to make GERATEC their quality of life partner. GERATEC was […]

Beyond hearts and minds to anti-ageism actions in the Global South

To be anti-ageist is to be self-educating, calling out discrimination wherever we see it and being uncompromising in our demand for full dignity and citizenship for everyone at every stage of life, argues Dr Alexandre Kalache, president of the International Longevity Centre-Brazil. Ageism as a term was first coined in 1969 by the founder of […]

The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing requires concerted global action

Actions are needed by national and local governments, businesses and community organizations to rise to the challenge of the age shift as part of the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing. The world is undergoing a huge age shift. According to the United Nations Population profiles, the number of people aged 60 and over is projected […]

GERATEC is celebrating 25 years of life-changing service

Twenty-five years: I have spent half my life working as the owner of GERATEC, promoting the quality of life of older people through nutrition. And while we have expanded our services over time, our passion and focus are still providing the best possible meals at the best possible prices. Over the years, we have made […]

What’s Happening at GERATEC? December 2018

This month’s theme is Respect! A few words from Rayne… I grew up with the phrase “respect is something that is earned”. I’ve often wondered about this. How would a total stranger earn my respect? Does it imply that the person begging on the side of the road does not deserve to be treated with […]

What’s Happening at GERATEC? September 2018

This month’s theme is Compassion! A few words from Rayne… In our world of aged care, we’re expected to be compassionate. Our days are often filled with giving love and showing care and empathy. We should be tolerant and patient, count to 10 and turn the other cheek. As much as we passionately believe in […]

Frail care: what you should know – Laura Du Preez

This article was first published in the first-quarter 2015 edition of Personal Finance magazine.  Healthcare issues loom large in later years when illnesses linger and can result in loss of control over daily living. At these times, residents of retirement villages or homes and their children often take comfort in the fact that the village […]

What’s Happening at GERATEC? June 2018

This month’s theme is Innovation! A few words from Rayne… I often wonder what it means when people say, “I want to reinvent myself”. Change your DNA? Get a new personality? Maybe have an extreme makeover? And is it even humanly possible – to reinvent oneself? Somehow, I’m not so sure. We’re physiologically hardwired in […]

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