In 2023 we are working towards recovery

The New Year hype always leaves me somewhat confused. When the clock ticks over on the 31st of December at midnight, does it actually mean anything? What do we celebrate? An ending? A beginning? Do we anticipate that anything will change when the clock strikes 12? Call me a cynic, but I have never quite […]

Our relationship approach to care spurs growth in the lives of older persons

For over 26 years we have been passionate about supporting and caring for older person’s well-being through the services we offer.Our focus on relationships is at the heart of how we support and care for older persons. We have found that inter-reliability within our community – where older persons can be relied on and rely […]

Open your ears to the silent disease this November

CELEBRATE WORLD DIABETES DAY with us GERATEC’s Nutrition Services Manager Ide-Marie Venter reveals that many downplay its severity due to its slow progression.Ide-Marie encourages older persons, their families, and care partners to regularly screen for high blood sugar levels since early detection is the major preventative measure to prevent diabetes-related health concerns. Watch as she […]

Celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day with us

Founder and managing director of GERATEC, Dr Rayne Stroebel, highlights one of the overlooked characteristics of dementia. Despite being a chronic or progressive syndrome that leads to the deterioration of cognitive function, those with dementia never lose their consciousness.Dr Stroebel recently obtained his PhD in Dementia Studies from Scotland’s University of Stirling. Learn more about […]

GERALEARN – An ongoing investment in people

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.” Brian Tracy At GERATEC, relationship directed support is at the core of everything we do. We believe that it is within the interdependence of people that human beings can learn, grow, and flourish. That is why GERATEC offers free monthly webinars to anyone in […]

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