In 2023 we are working towards recovery

The New Year hype always leaves me somewhat confused. When the clock ticks over on the 31st of December at midnight, does it actually mean anything? What do we celebrate? An ending? A beginning? Do we anticipate that anything will change when the clock strikes 12? Call me a cynic, but I have never quite […]

Our relationship approach to care spurs growth in the lives of older persons

For over 26 years we have been passionate about supporting and caring for older person’s well-being through the services we offer.Our focus on relationships is at the heart of how we support and care for older persons. We have found that inter-reliability within our community – where older persons can be relied on and rely […]


READ FULL ARTICLE The first of two ‘background information’ contributions comes from Rayne Stroebel, our specialist on dementia. Zeroing in on the challenges of dementia takes us to one very specific aspect of ageing – and one that perhaps demands the most immediate attention in resolving the shortage of long-term care solutions. Reading Rayne’s discussion, […]

Protecting the human rights of older persons: Challenges to the human rights of older people during and after COVID-19

Original Article: ILC ALLIANCE   Globally, COVID-19 has led to debilitating effects and posed significant human rights challenges for older persons. Healthcare measures and societal responses to COVID-19 have impacted older persons mental and physical wellbeing, amplified ageism, and heightened the risks of elder abuse. In this report, we present insights into the impacts of […]

GERATEC 2021 overview

GERATEC turned 25 this year! And what a challenging year it has been for us all. We have lived through three waves of Covid-19 and as I am writing this, a fourth wave is looming. The end of 2020 saw our Christmas and New Year celebrations cancelled, and when the third Covid-19 wave came down […]

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