caringGERATEC’S CARING philosophy is to provide holistic, supportive and person-centred care.

Our expertise and experience give us a unique understanding of the physical and emotional needs of those who rely on our assistance. Having committed to a holistic approach to care, we pride ourselves in offering specialist services and expertise in all areas of care for older people – including occupational therapy, dietetics and nursing.

To maintain the excellence of our care approach, the Care team is actively involved in on-going outcomes-based research projects centred on caring for older people.

GERATEC’S philosophy focuses on the person behind the symptoms and diagnoses. In practice this means taking responsibility, not just for basic care but for creating an environment in which older people can thrive and live the best possible life they can.

Our services include:

  • needs assessment and planning;
  • individual care plans and advice;
  • specialist health services;
  • dementia care mapping;
  • specialist diets, planning and consulting;
  • companion-skills-development and training;
  • care workshops for all levels;
  • educational and information resources (e.g. manuals, books, DVDs, etc.); and
  • specialist and adaptive devices and equipment (e.g. drinking cups, dementia signage, cutlery, etc.).

An inspired approach

Mrs Tau became a resident at Huis Moria, Theunissen in February 2007. Before she arrived, she had been severely neglected at home – she has arthritis, her legs were fully flexed at the knees and she had been lying on her stomach for many years.

The discomfort Mrs Tau experienced and her condition made it difficult to care for her. She had her meals lying on her stomach and because she was bedridden, she received virtually no stimulation. Following assessment of Mrs Tau’s specific needs, her carers were trained to conduct passive range-of-motion exercises. The staff were also shown how to position Mrs Tau’s legs to prevent further contractures. The challenge to the staff was to rehabilitate Mrs Tau to be able to sit in a wheelchair.

By the start of 2011, Mrs Tau had 90 degrees knee flexion and now she sits in her wheelchair for a few hours every day. She can have her meals in the dining room with the other residents and joins them in activities. The staff continue to help Mrs Tau exercise daily, building her strength and confidence. They are incredibly proud of the work they have done with and for Mrs Tau and described it as nothing short of a miracle!

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