housekeepingWe aspire to instil a culture of “this is my home” in each care facility we work with. The aim is to create a healthy, clean and pleasant place in which to live –and work. We believe that every member of staff is vital in reaching this goal.  As such, we encourage an ethos of being visible, friendly, professional and helpful. As the saying goes: “The best part of teamwork is that you always have someone on your side.”

Our team recognises that living in a clean home is an essential part of a caring, family atmosphere. Thanks to GERATEC’S training and guidance, the staff involved in housekeeping and laundry see their  job as an important part of helping to care for the residents who live there. The cleaning teams become a part of the residents’ lives, not just by cleaning but by making it a home, spending time with residents – in conversation, song, or simply just being together. As with all housekeeping duties, there is always something to do. Despite this, our staff are always happy to help and take great pride in their work.

GERATEC’S HOUSEKEEPING division provides the following dedicated cleaning services:


  • full housekeeping service;
  • high-quality chemicals and equipment;
  • regular deep-cleaning in high-risk areas like bathrooms and clinics; and
  • flexible service for booking cleaners.


  • infection control;
  • drop-off service;
  • washing, drying and ironing; and
  • full frail-care service, including collection and delivery within your home (on average three times per day).

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