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GERATEC’S perstrainingon-centred approach extends beyond the residents to include the staff. We believe passionately in training and developing the people who help us deliver our services. Our aim is to maximise performance and through development, yield tangible, measurable results to improve the lives of the employee and the people with whom they interact.

We develop skills and talents from within our partner organisations, drawing on existing experience.

Our flexible training methods allow us to address the specific needs within individual homes, providing skills training that can be conducted on-site or off-site and tailored to your individual requirements.


  • training and inductions covering all aspects of care;
  • companion-carer skills training and development;
  • practical and theoretical training for all levels of experience;
  • personnel management and policy guidance;
  • performance management and workforce planning;
  • uplifting life skills and wellness programmes for staff;
  • mentorship and coaching programmes; and
  • employment equity consulting.

We truly respect and appreciate all our staff. An example of this is GERATEC’S life-skills training that we provide to all our staff. By showing them how to make their jobs more rewarding and how to improve their lives outside of work, we empower them to make good choices and develop their professional attitude.



“Really enjoyed the practical component, especially the tasting of the food! Gained a lot of knowledge on preparing food for conditions such as allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol and colostomy. A real eye-opener! Will be attending more of these sessions!”
– Nutrition Workshop

“‘n Fees van ‘n aanbieding! Die entoesiasme en energie het dit ‘n besonderse aanbieding gemaak. Ek kyk met nuwe oë na gewone alledaagse aktiwiteite.”
– Meaningful Engagement Workshop

“Left with loads of new ideas – specifically on starting a vegetable garden for our facility. Can’t wait to share with the staff!”
– Healthy Eating on a Limited Budget Workshop

“I was struck by the presenter’s passion for the subject and commitment to present the material in a holistic sense. A fantastic workshop – thank you!”
– Living with Dementia Workshop

“I found the supplied work material extremely insightful, and felt extremely comfortable participating and providing my own input. I will certainly share it with my colleagues.”
– Successful Employment Relationships Workshop


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