Eden Alternative in SA

eden-SA-logoGERATEC is proud to house and partner with the South African coordinating office for The Eden Alternative™, an international movement that seeks to ensure that person-centred care replaces institutional and medical models of care.

The Eden Alternative philosophy embraces the concept of “culture change” – transforming long-term-care facilities into human habitats that ensure the well-being of the residents and those who work with them as partners in care. The Eden Alternative is a journey of discovering the strengths, talents and dreams of residents and staff, creating authentic relationships that translate into a life worth living for everyone in the organisation.

The Eden Alternative in South Africa was established by Rayne Stroebel, Managing Director of GERATEC. After completing training in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, Rayne was appointed as the Regional Coordinator by The Eden Alternative Home Office in November 2011. To date they have trained more than 330 Eden Associates in South Africa.

For more information, please visit their website at www.edenalt.co.za