The year 2020!

The year 2020 will take up a little more space than other years in the history of the world records. COVID-19 literally brought the world to a standstill, with many people still reeling from shock. The impact of this pandemic will still be felt for years to come. If I have to find one thing […]

Annual Awards

Who doesn’t like being recognised for a job well done?  Almost nobody.  At GERATEC we believe in maintaining a company culture where our values are upheld and lived out every day in everything we do; and we believe in and understand the importance of, recognising our employees for the extra mile they walk for our […]

2020 Moments

What a year it has been. It is fair to say that modern society as a whole, experienced this pandemic “storm” in so many ways. All of us have been affected by this new way of living. Out of this pandemic, the GERATEC Angels received their wings. Our employees far outshone themselves and once again […]

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