Protecting the human rights of older persons: Challenges to the human rights of older people during and after COVID-19

Original Article: ILC ALLIANCE   Globally, COVID-19 has led to debilitating effects and posed significant human rights challenges for older persons. Healthcare measures and societal responses to COVID-19 have impacted older persons mental and physical wellbeing, amplified ageism, and heightened the risks of elder abuse. In this report, we present insights into the impacts of […]

The year 2020!

The year 2020 will take up a little more space than other years in the history of the world records. COVID-19 literally brought the world to a standstill, with many people still reeling from shock. The impact of this pandemic will still be felt for years to come. If I have to find one thing […]

Relationship Directed Support

I am sure that by now very few people have the energy to read another piece of writing, in fear of receiving more COVID-19 news. Let me assure you that I will not go there. Allow me to share some personal observations, though, especially around the positives that I encountered over the past few months. […]

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