Let’s discuss ageing, dementia, death & dying.

We have to change our minds about people whose minds have changed. My journey with aging began at a young age when my mother became a matron at the local care home in Heidelberg, my hometown. As a child, I witnessed the transformation of the institution into a welcoming home through my mother’s efforts. I […]


READ FULL ARTICLE The first of two ‘background information’ contributions comes from Rayne Stroebel, our specialist on dementia. Zeroing in on the challenges of dementia takes us to one very specific aspect of ageing – and one that perhaps demands the most immediate attention in resolving the shortage of long-term care solutions. Reading Rayne’s discussion, […]

Seeing Dementia differently in celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day

This article, which appears here with minor edits, originally appeared at on the 1st of March 2021 under the title “What if…”. I wonder what would have happened if we considered dementia to be an “altered state”, reframing it not as a syndrome or an illness, but rather a different way of being in […]

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