Age discrimination creates a delusion that leads to most people not being prepared for this phase, writes RAYNE STROEBEL. Ten years ago, cancer was people’s biggest fear, now it’s dementia. The more research done, the less we really know what causes this condition.

Elderly, senior citizen, retiree, gray-headed, oxygen thief, gray tsunami and a burden on the world economy. The largest growing part of the population is those over 65 years of age.
Due to shrinking growth, there are fewer and fewer younger people in the labor market to fund the retirees. Our life expectancy has increased by more than 30 years in recent years, which means that there are already people living who will be older than 120 years.

With a retirement age of 60, people are going to be retired longer than they worked, and ten out of one will survive their investments. As if that’s not enough to instill the most sacred fear, the dementia monster with glowing eyes lurks on the horizon for one in three people over 75.
No wonder the Americans are rushing like crazy behind everything that can bring about “anti-aging” – from botox to stem cells freezing, creams and ointments, and injections of butt fat into the cheeks. Millions are spent on hair coloring, plastic surgery and miracle cures for staying young. And it’s all a chase after wind – you’re going to grow old, whether you’re stiff or not.

Apocalyptic demographics
The media plays an important role in this mass hysteria and apocalyptic demographic to portray aging as the worst thing that can happen to a human being. No positive stories of aging appear if it is not an advertisement for a funeral home or incontinence products. And if you look at the pictures that retirement homes advertise, you wonder where these people come from who are gray but do not have a wrinkle of a day old. . .

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