From the desk of our CEO

It has been quite a shock to my system to be back in the driver’s seat since 1 February 2023 after completing my PhD. I have been studying for the last ten years, spending most of my time in my head, and only giving advice and guidance to the team when needed. (Ok, often also […]

Our relationship approach to care spurs growth in the lives of older persons

For over 26 years we have been passionate about supporting and caring for older person’s well-being through the services we offer.Our focus on relationships is at the heart of how we support and care for older persons. We have found that inter-reliability within our community – where older persons can be relied on and rely […]

Open your ears to the silent disease this November

CELEBRATE WORLD DIABETES DAY with us GERATEC’s Nutrition Services Manager Ide-Marie Venter reveals that many downplay its severity due to its slow progression.Ide-Marie encourages older persons, their families, and care partners to regularly screen for high blood sugar levels since early detection is the major preventative measure to prevent diabetes-related health concerns. Watch as she […]

Celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day with us

Founder and managing director of GERATEC, Dr Rayne Stroebel, highlights one of the overlooked characteristics of dementia. Despite being a chronic or progressive syndrome that leads to the deterioration of cognitive function, those with dementia never lose their consciousness.Dr Stroebel recently obtained his PhD in Dementia Studies from Scotland’s University of Stirling. Learn more about […]

Catering Services for the Long-Term Care Sector

Over the last 26 years, our dietitians have proven a fundamental factor that greatly improves the quality of older persons’ lives: nutrition catered to the therapeutic dietary needs of every individual. Watch here as our founder and managing director Dr Rayne Stroebel explains the innovations of GERATEC’s approach to older person care. The exclusivity of […]

GERATEC Your Quality of Life Partner

In our modern world it has become generally accepted (and wrongly so) that support and care for older people are merely about giving them what they need to live a longer life. While GERATEC is concerned about the longevity of its residents, our primary objective is the quality of life of older persons. We do […]

2021 GERATEC Awards & Long Service Awards Ceremony

At GERATEC we believe in celebrating the people who demonstrate the passion and hard work it takes to truly make a difference in people’s lives. One of the ways in which we recognise and celebrate our employees’ efforts and achievements is with our annual Awards Ceremony. In the words of our managing director Rayne Stroebel, […]

Raising awareness of the awareness of others

How we are raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease at GERATEC On Monday the 21st of September, we celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day. It is a day to focus our attention specifically on a disease that is often misunderstood, but really should not be. People have always had a propensity to fear or stigmatise the things they […]

Learn to live in the moment by sharing it with those who do it best

Imagine if you could perfect the art of living in the moment? In a world of intermittent distractions, the art of Being seems to have been lost without a chance of it ever being recovered. If that is indeed the case, perhaps we haven’t been looking far enough. Just peer into the lives of people […]

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