Our Strategic Partners

A History of Relationship Directed Support

Since 1996, GERATEC has played a vital role in the world of care for older persons. From food services and nutritional dietetics to the provision of housekeeping assistance,and comprehensive clinical support and care services, GERATEC has grown into a trusted partner to those who work towards improving the quality of life of older persons.

We believe in more than just providing services; we form partnerships that work towards the creation of sustainable communities that create an environment and a human habitat where life can go on being lived to the fullest. And it is our relationship directed approach and commitment to innovation that enables us to do this, building new bridges between organisations and investing ourselves fully in relationships that help us achieve this goal.

GERATEC is constantly going beyond the borders of concepts that define care for older people. To do that, we go beyond borders of a more physical kind as well. Our collaboration with national and international organisations allows us to broaden our influence beyond expectations.

From our participation in international conferences to partnering with international organisations, GERATEC plays an active role in a global network that works towards the creation of lives worth living.

Let's Talk

GERATEC specialises in caring for unique individuals in unique ways and focusing on the person behind the symptoms. Get in touch with us to help you prepare for the care journey that lies ahead.

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