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Dr. Rayne Stroebel

Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Rayne Stroebel

Rayne Stroebel, the Founder and Managing Director of GERATEC, is driven by a profound mission: to enhance, understand, and redefine the quality of life for older individuals. Since its inception, GERATEC has been a testament to this vision. At the core of the organization lies Rayne's philosophy of relationship-directed support, a distinctive approach that positions GERATEC as a pioneer in elderly care across South Africa.

Rayne's upbringing in an aged care home, where his mother served as a matron, instilled in him a deep appreciation for the complexities of elder care from a young age. His international experience in the field, coupled with his role as South Africa's Eden Alternative Regional Director and his attainment of a PhD in Dementia Studies from the University of Stirling in Scotland, has equipped him with a unique blend of expertise and insight.

Leveraging his extensive knowledge and life experiences, Rayne is dedicated to revolutionizing the care industry through GERATEC's comprehensive offerings: GERALEARN, GERASERVE, and GERACONSULT. His unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation continues to shape GERATEC's trajectory, making a profound impact on the lives of older individuals and their caregivers.

Deirdre Joubert

Finance Manager

Deirdre Joubert

As the Finance Manager at GERATEC, Deirdre epitomizes dedication and precision, traits that have propelled her upwards within the organization she has proudly been a part of for over 26 years. Inspired by GERATEC's commitment to investing in people to create meaningful impact, Deirdre consistently surpasses expectations in her role.

Deirdre's journey with GERATEC began as a Food Service Manager, where her attention to detail and supportive nature shone through. Over the years, she embraced opportunities for growth and development, ultimately assuming the pivotal role of Finance Manager.

In her capacity as Finance Manager, Deirdre exemplifies professionalism, helpfulness, and integrity in overseeing GERATEC's financial operations. Her meticulous approach ensures the smooth functioning of the finance department, contributing significantly to the organization's success.

Deirdre's unwavering commitment to excellence underscores her invaluable contribution to GERATEC's mission and vision. She is a trusted leader whose dedication continues to drive the organization forward.

Jennilee Pierce

Human Resources Administrator

Jennilee Pierce

Jennilee Pierce, the HR Administrator at GERATEC, joined the GERATEAM on June 1, 2024, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the care sector spanning over 16 years. Her journey began as a dedicated career, and through perseverance and continuous education, she advanced to the role of secretary. With determination and hard work, Jennilee furthered her studies and eventually assumed the position of HR Coordinator at her previous employer.

In her role at GERATEC, Jennilee serves as a vital link between unit employees,
Food Service Managers, and the Support Office. She plays a key role in managing various HR functions, including disciplinary actions, leave management, payroll processing, and Workers' Compensation Administration (WCA).

Jennilee's extensive background in the care sector, coupled with her expertise in HR administration, equips her with the knowledge and skills necessary to support the organization's employees and ensure smooth HR operations. With her commitment to excellence and dedication to serving others, Jennilee is an invaluable asset to the GERATEAM, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Alda Burger

Office Administrator

Alda Burger

Alda Burger, the Office Administrator at GERATEC, infuses the office environment with her vibrant personality and infectious sense of humor. From answering phones and warmly greeting guests to assisting her colleagues, Alda's positive energy radiates throughout the workplace.

In addition to her cheerful demeanor, Alda is a reliable and diligent team member. Whether it's conducting spell checks, typing documents, or managing printing tasks, she approaches her responsibilities with efficiency and professionalism.

Alda joined the GERATEC team in 2022, bringing her unique blend of warmth and efficiency to her role as Office Administrator. With her ever present smile and willingness to lend a helping hand, Alda plays an integral part in ensuring the smooth functioning of the office and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Ide-Marie Venter

Nutrition Services Manager

Ide-Marie Venter

As the Nutrition Services Manager at GERATEC, Ide-Marie exemplifies the essence of compassion, embodying the belief that caring is heroic. Her innate sense of altruism drives her commitment to enhancing the quality of life for older individuals through nutrition.

Passionate about the profound impact of nutrition on well being, Ide-Marie enthusiastically shares her expertise and works tirelessly to optimize the nutritional status of residents and the GERATEAM. Since joining GERATEC in 2008, Ide-Marie's background in clinical nutrition and management within the catering industry has been instrumental to her success in her current role.

With a focus on nurturing both residents and staff members, Ide-Marie's dedication and expertise ensure that GERATEC remains at the forefront of providing exemplary nutrition care. Her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others underscores her invaluable contribution to the organization's mission and values.

Melanie Crozier

Business Development Manager

Melanie Crozier

As the Business Development Manager at GERATEC, Melanie embodies the company's commitment to nurturing and empowering its workforce. Since joining GERATEC in 2008, Melanie has exemplified the organization's core values of friendliness, helpfulness, innovation and integrity, paving the way for her remarkable career growth.

Melanie's journey at GERATEC began as a Food Service Manager, where she demonstrated her dedication and capability. Her drive and accomplishments led her to assume roles of increasing responsibility, including Strategic Partnership Coordinator and Fundraiser. With each role, Melanie showcased her strategic acumen and commitment to advancing GERATEC's mission.

Transitioning to the role of Area Manager, Melanie honed her leadership skills and operational expertise, preparing her for her current pivotal position as Business Development Manager. In this capacity, Melanie plays a central role in driving the organization's objectives forward.

Daily, Melanie focuses on cultivating client relationships and expanding the company's business ventures. She spearheads the marketing and sales efforts for GERATEC's three core offerings: GERALEARN, GERASERVE, and GERACONSULT. Melanie's proactive approach and tireless efforts are instrumental in driving growth and success for GERATEC.

Gerswin Isaacs

Food Quality Manager

Gerswin Isaacs

Gerswin's nine-year journey with GERATEC exemplifies the organization's commitment to nurturing and developing its team members. Beginning his career with GERATEC in 2015 as an Assistant Food Service Manager, Gerswin demonstrated an unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in quality.

His relentless pursuit of the highest standards led to his progression to the roles of Food Service Manager and Project Manager, showcasing his leadership abilities and keen attention to detail. Today, Gerswin fulfills the vital role of Food Quality Manager, where he ensures that GERATEC maintains its reputation for uncompromising quality and safety standards in food service.

Outside of work, Gerswin's passion for gardening reflects his understanding of the care and dedication required for both personal and professional growth. His commitment to excellence and his holistic approach to quality assurance make him an invaluable asset to the GERATEAM.

Colette de Wet

Food Quality Manager

Colette de Wet

With nearly three decades of culinary experience in some of the most renowned establishments in the Western Cape, Colette brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Food Quality Manager at GERATEC. Known for her tenacity in problem-solving and unwavering commitment to professional standards, Colette's journey with the organization has been one of continuous growth and advancement.

Joining the GERATEAM in 2017 as a Food Service Manager, Colette quickly distinguished herself and rose through the ranks. Within a mere two years, she was promoted to Auditor and Relief Manager, showcasing her versatility and leadership abilities. By 2021, Colette had expanded her role to include Food Quality Trainer, further solidifying her reputation as a trusted expert in her field.

In 2022, Colette assumed her current position as Food Quality Manager, where she oversees the implementation of rigorous standards and procedures to ensure the highest level of food quality and safety at GERATEC. Her dedication to excellence and her extensive culinary knowledge continues to elevate the dining experience for residents and staff alike.

Bonnie Johnston

Housekeeping and Compliance Officer


In her role as Housekeeping and Compliance Officer at GERATEC, Bonnie seamlessly blends her passion for working with people with a keen eye for detail and a background in human resources, health, and safety. With a holistic approach to her responsibilities, Bonnie ensures that both the physical environment and regulatory compliance meet the highest standards.

Guided by her personal mantra to find positivity in every circumstance, treat others with respect, and maintain an attitude of gratitude, Bonnie exemplifies warmth and compassion in her interactions with the GERATEAM. Her colleagues hold her in high esteem for her unwavering friendliness and dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Bonnie's unique combination of skills and values enables her to excel in her role, contributing significantly to the well-being and safety of residents and staff alike at GERATEC. Her commitment to excellence and genuine care for others make her an invaluable member of the team.

Lauren Booysen

Creditors Clerk

Lauren Booysen

As the Creditors Clerk at GERATEC, Lauren joined the GERATEAM in 2019, bringing with her a wealth of compassion, innovation, and integrity. Just as GERATEC enriches the lives of those who embark on a journey with the organization, Lauren contributes significantly to its success through her dedication and professionalism.

With responsibilities spanning various administrative functions, Lauren's commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness is paramount to the wellbeing and prosperity of GERATEC. Her meticulous approach ensures that financial processes run smoothly, enabling the organization to operate

Lauren's patient and open demeanor fosters unity within the organization, inspiring colleagues to strive for excellence and reach new heights. Her positive attitude and collaborative spirit make her an invaluable asset to the GERATEAM, embodying the values that define GERATEC's culture of care and excellence.

Evangeline Booysen

Debtors Clerk & Procurement

Evangeline Booysen

As the Debtors Clerk at GERATEC, Eva's driving force in both her professional and personal endeavours is the advancement and well-being of her children, alongside her innate desire to assist others. With a diverse background in retail, Eva's career trajectory has seen her evolve from a cashier to a frontline supervisor, and subsequently, the administrator of four service departments before joining the GERATEAM over 18 years ago.

Eva's exceptional ability to empathize with others, coupled with her meticulous attention to detail, has proven invaluable to GERATEC. Through her dedication and expertise, she not only redefines the standards of care for older individuals but also reshapes  the concept of success within the organization.

Eva's unwavering commitment to excellence and her compassionate approach to her work embody the core values of GERATEC. Her contributions play a vital role in ensuring the financial health and operational efficiency of the organization, ultimately enriching the lives of residents and staff alike.

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