We have to change our minds about people whose minds have changed.

My journey with aging began at a young age when my mother became a matron at the local care home in Heidelberg, my hometown. As a child, I witnessed the transformation of the institution into a welcoming home through my mother’s efforts. I never found the care home depressing; there was always laughter, light, fresh flowers, a beautiful garden, and the fragrance of home-cooked food.

It wasn’t until I reached 45 that I decided to pursue a career in aging and enrolled in a bridging course in Dementia Studies, which led to my obtaining an MSc in the field. A year later, I began my PhD and successfully completed it in August 2022.

I now offer consultation services to people diagnosed with dementia, their families, and care providers and organizations.


In 1996, I founded GERATEC (Gerontological Research, Training, Education, and Caring) with the aim of providing support services to older people in long-term care and the community. Our values of integrity, respect, compassion, and innovation guide our work.

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