Get your care into shape with GERATEC’s 2021 Workshops

Throughout 2021, GERATEC will be hosting workshops that will help you provide the highest quality of relationship directed support.

We will delve into a broad range of topics covering the fields of DIETETICS, HOUSEKEEPING & LAUNDRY, CARE, and HUMAN RESOURCES.

Workshops will range from 1-hour webinar sessions to 3-day intensive sessions presented by professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, each giving you valuable insight into the care of older people.

All of our 2021 workshops will all be presented in the new GERATEC Training Facility in Paardevlei, along with special webinars that can be accessed online.


Special Diets, Menu Planning and Nutrition for Older Persons

Duration: 1 Day | Dates: 10 March/8 September
This workshop is aimed at employees working in food services. Topics include Basic Nutrition Principles, Nutrition for Older Persons, Menu Planning and Special diets. This workshop provides practical tips for successful implementation in long term care facilities where food service is provided.

Managing Malnutrition

Duration: 1 Day | Dates: 23 June/13 October
This workshop includes physiological changes, the nutritional consequences thereof as well as appropriate dietary interventions. The prevalence, screening and monitoring of malnutrition will be covered.

Let's talk about Nutrition & You

Duration: 1 Hour per course
The GERATEC dietitians invite you to our series of talks on the various ways that nutrition can benefit your wellbeing. Join us as we make sense of the latest science, debunk the myths, and give you practical take-home tips, all over a nice cup of coffee/tea.

a. Let's talk about supporting your immune system | 30 July (14h00-15h00)
b. Let's talk about good food for mood and mind | 3 September (14h00-15h00)
c. Let’s talk about maintaining muscle and your ideal body weight | 29 October (9h00-10h00)
d. Let's talk about cooking for one, the healthy and cost-effective way | 26 November (9h00-10h00)

Housekeeping & Laundry

Housekeeping and Laundry Operations

Duration: Series of 1-day workshops
Each workshop is focused on teaching you how to create a clean and healthy living space while rendering relationship directed support within your organisation, by following the guidelines of Health and Safety legislation and Municipal regulations and basic standards.

a. Housekeeping Assistant | 4 May/10 Aug
b. Laundry Assistant | 5 May/11 Aug
c. Housekeeping & Laundry Supervisor | 11 May/16 Aug
d. Housekeeping & Laundry Manager | 12 May/17 Aug

Basic Hygiene Practices: Kitchen | Housekeeping | Laundry | Care

Duration: 1 Day | Dates: 7 April/14 July
In this workshop we cover hygiene basics, cleaning practices and how to ensure high standards. These practices are applicable in all areas of work and this workshop will provide practical tools which are easy to implement.

Health and Safety for Managers

Duration: 1 Day | Dates: 9 June/22 Sep
This workshop provides a practical guide on how to implement Health and Safety in long term care facilities. The aim of this is to protect people from the risk of injury or ill health by ensuring employees' health, safety and welfare at work, as well as protecting non-employees against the health and safety risks arising from work and non-related work activities.

COVID-19 Measures for Management and Employees

Duration: 1 Day (Zoom/Recorded Webinar) | Dates: 24 March (to be repeated as required)
Get an overview of all COVID-19 measures for management and employees with regards to hygiene and safety for kitchen, housekeeping and care.


Matron to Mentor

Duration: 3 Days | Dates: 25, 26 & 27 August
In the support and caring business, we do not need "matrons" but rather mentors. This workshop will help you to change the approach from a task driven institutional model of nursing to a relationship directed support model, focusing on strengths and growth.

Medication Management Competency

Duration: 1 Day | Dates: 26 May/14 October
Medication management is regulated by legislation and must be handled by competent employees. This workshop will give you the tools to manage medication in a responsible manner and equip you to train your employees to do the same.

Next Level Mentoring

Duration: 2 Days | Dates: 15 & 16 September
Be a leader not a manager. This workshop will provide tools on how to effectively handle conflict and measure the care we provide, all while motivating our teams.

Living Well with Dementia

Duration: Series of 1-day workshops
Discover the person behind the diagnosis, the impact of nutrition on the brain, as well as the practical ways in which to handle stressful situations, improve communication and engage in meaningful activities. Professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds will present the workshop to ensure a holistic approach.

a. The geriatric giants and the person behind the disease| 10 February
b. Human rights and growth plans| 21 April
c. Optimal brain function (nutrition and meaningful engagement) |30 June
d. Practical dementia (including validation) | 5 August

Human Resources

Employee Relations

Duration: 1 Day | Dates: 19 May/24 November
It is important to be consistent and fair for employee relationships to be effective and managed appropriately. This workshop will assist you in streamlining/updating your Employee Relations process or setting up a completely new one to assist you in keeping employees informed, managing employees effectively, and ultimately reaching the goals of your organisation.

HR: COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures: Employee support and wellness

Duration: 1 Day | Dates: 2 April
This workshop will assist you in setting up Standard Operating procedures, which are key for ensuring the safety of employees in your organisation, as well as ensuring that employees understand what is needed to function in this new norm of COVID-19. This workshop will assist you in ensuring support for isolated and quarantined employees, while also attending to their mental wellbeing, while also providing a safer work environment.

Workshop Costs:

"Let's Talk About Nutrition” 1-hour talks: Free
1-day sessions: R 850.00 for the 1st person, thereafter R800.00 pp (from the same facility)
2-day sessions: R 2400.00 for the1st person, thereafter R2200.00 pp (from the same facility)
3-day sessions: R 3400.00 for the 1st person, thereafter R3200.00 pp (from the same facility) (all prices inclusive of VAT)

All 2021 workshops will be presented at the following venue:
GERATEC, MO4, Unit 7&8, 6 Dee Bee House, De Beers Avenue, Paardevlei, Somerset West

Please note as an alternative all 2021 workshops will be available as online webinars:

Webinar Costs:
1 day - R700.00 per person
2 day - R2 100.00 per person
3 day - R3 000.00 per person
(all prices inclusive of VAT)

Contact us directly for any queries regarding the upcoming workshops
Maralize Conradie
Tel: +27 21 461 3820

Disclaimer: Dates subject to change depending number of bookings or operational circumstances