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Excellence in relationship directed support and an unwavering attention to detail lie at the heart of our business. GERATEC aims to improve every aspect of older persons’ lives, making every step of the journey more enriching.

Optimal nutrition & safe and hygienic homes

Support and care service

Following a healthy diet has never tasted this good. 

Through culinary innovation, we provide catering services that offer nutritionally-balanced, mouth-watering menus that make use of local and seasonal produce.  

By establishing a Food Committee with management teams and residents, we are able to develop seasonal cycle menus that offer meals of the highest quality all year round. 

With the help of our qualified dietitian, the meals we prepare cater to the special/therapeutic dietary needs of every individual, whether they live independently or in a care facility. We take care to update and adapt every individual meal plan as the need arises, ensuring client satisfaction and wellbeing on an ongoing basis. Our dietitian is constantly advancing their skills and knowledge to provide the best culinary expertise possible.

Home is where the heart is.  

It is this popular metaphor that drives us to make the homes of residents a place the heart will yearn to be.  

Our housekeeping and laundry employees assist with the day-to-day tasks that really should not have to stand in the way of anyone’s ability to enjoy their day. By adhering to best practices, we provide you with hygienic assurance.

Without care, what is left? 

It is our philosophy of holistically driven relationship directed support that gives us a unique understanding of the physical and emotional needs of those who rely on our assistance. Thanks to our involvement in ongoing outcome-based research projects, we are proud to offer services that include occupational therapy, dietetics, and nursing assistance to those who need it.  

These services include: 

  • Needs assessment and planning 
  • Individual care plans and advice 
  • Specialist health services 
  • Dementia care mapping 
  • Specialist diets, planning, and consulting 
  • Companion-skills-development and training 
  • Care workshops for all levels 
  • Educational and information resources (e.g. manuals, books, DVDs, etc.)
  • Specialist and adaptive devices and equipment (e.g. drinking cups, dementia signage, cutlery, etc.) 
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