Die emosionele impak van die verouderingsproses.

– VLV Paarl 15/06/2022We dont talk about trees getting older, we say theyre “growing”. Let’s use thesame term about ourselves. Were not getting older, were just “growing”. That`sthe spirit of living.Met die versoek om oor die impak van die verouderingsproses met u te komgesels, het ek onmiddellik gedink aan die talle boeke van ouer skrywers […]

Aging: more than botox, incontinence and the dementia sample

READ FULL ARTICLE Age discrimination creates a delusion that leads to most people not being prepared for this phase, writes RAYNE STROEBEL. Ten years ago, cancer was people’s biggest fear, now it’s dementia. The more research done, the less we really know what causes this condition. Elderly, senior citizen, retiree, gray-headed, oxygen thief, gray tsunami and a […]

GERATEC Your Quality of Life Partner

In our modern world it has become generally accepted (and wrongly so) that support and care for older people are merely about giving them what they need to live a longer life. While GERATEC is concerned about the longevity of its residents, our primary objective is the quality of life of older persons. We do […]

Raising awareness of the awareness of others

How we are raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease at GERATEC On Monday the 21st of September, we celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day. It is a day to focus our attention specifically on a disease that is often misunderstood, but really should not be. People have always had a propensity to fear or stigmatise the things they […]

Learn to live in the moment by sharing it with those who do it best

Imagine if you could perfect the art of living in the moment? In a world of intermittent distractions, the art of Being seems to have been lost without a chance of it ever being recovered. If that is indeed the case, perhaps we haven’t been looking far enough. Just peer into the lives of people […]

Treating Older People with Dignity by Dropping the Pretense and Being Present

As thoughts of COVID-19 became a running thread in our day-to-day living, it seems to shine a light on the social misconceptions regarding the inherent value, worth and capacity of older people. Walking a thin line between protecting older people and valuing their unique experiences while maintaining their right to autonomy, has never been more […]

Relationship Directed Support

“All illness, care, and healing processes occur in relationship—relationships of an individual with self and with others. Relationship Directed Support (RDS) is an important framework for conceptualizing health care, recognizing that the nature and the quality of relationships are central to health care and the broader health care delivery system. RDS can be defined as […]

#CoronavirusSA: Pathogen vs person

With the elderly population disproportionately affected by complications from Covid-19, the novel coronavirus has highlighted the physical well-being of older persons. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), older people are particularly at risk of developing fatal complications from the virus. Mental health experts, however, have warned that focusing purely on the physical health of […]